Ikedas Country Bakery imageIkedas™ Bakery got its start in 1986. The original concept started from the simple idea of finding a way to market our ripe fruit. We found by using our ripe fruit we could produce fantastic tasting pies and baked pastries. In fact, our Famous Apple Pies received 1st place honors at a San Francisco, California event. Our bakers bake from the soul. Their creativity and expertise produces delicacies that have captivated people from around the world. All items baked in the Ikedas Bakery are made from scratch. From the pure butter to the orchard fresh fruits, you can be assured we use the highest quality ingredients available. We spare no expense when it comes to the baking of our homemade baked goodies! Because of this the end result is the most delicious baked goods you have ever tasted! Remember, we bake everyday to insure exquisite freshness.

Our Famous Homemade Pies

Ikeda's Peaches imagesWe bake our famous pies year-round for your pleasure. Since our selection is so appealing, we are sure to carry pies of your preference. Choose from Marionberry, Raspberry, Dutch Apple, French Apple, Peach and many more! baked goods

Ikedas Signature Fresh Baked Breads

Ah… the seductive aroma of fresh baked bread! Our Master Bakers have created a series of unique breads that are sure to please. Our ever popular Coffee Cake made with real coffee swirled throughout then drizzled all over with a pure butter and brown sugar topping is just one of the many selections we offer.

Ikeda's Cherries image

Ikedas “Out of the Oven” Delights

Choose from a large variety of delicious Homemade Cookies, Muffins, and Chicken Pot Pies…our newest creation and best seller! Folks have told us our Chicken Pot Pie is the best they have ever tasted. It’s no wonder, our pies are made with a pure butter-cream rue, garden fresh peas, carrots, onions, and chicken meat all encased in our delicious flaky pie crust baked to perfection. Our Cookies and Muffins are lovingly created with the finest ingredients available. Taste the difference for yourself!